Family Tree Services

Terms & Conditions

We strongly recommend that you read through the terms and conditions as by placing an order you will be assumed that you agree by these terms and conditions.

Please be aware that there are no guarantees with family research. Some records may have been destroyed, lost, never existed or have been inaccurately compiled. Sometimes it is impossible for anyone to track down or identify a relative with certainty. The packages on offer give a general overview of what could be the outcome, however results will vary depending on what records are available and wherever possible we will endeavour to provide as much information as possible within the budget.

Once an order is placed you will be supplied with a blank tree and will be required to fill in as much of the information as possible, regardless of whether it will be featured in the product purchased, to aid any brick walls that might appear along the way. If this is not returned to us within 6 months with adequate information then the order cannot be fulfilled. Following receipt of any starter information from you, the Client, we will then do a preliminary search and consult with you to ensure enough records are available to make the project viable. If at this early stage you decide not to proceed you will be refunded your fee minus a £25 admin fee and any expenses incurred.

Unless part of a fixed fee package, research will be undertaken at the agreed hourly rate or to the budget agreed before the project starts. Activities that are chargeable within this hourly rate include i) research either at libraries, archives or at our premises, ii) time spent writing the research report or preparing family charts, iii) analysing information provided by the client or creating 'next steps' guidance, iv) correspondence with the client in person, in writing or online, v) time spent obtaining certificates/copies or documentation, vi) travel time. Fees for obtaining documents or copies of documents are charged at cost. Travel by train is charged at standard class. Parking is charged at cost. Mileage is charged at 45 pence per mile.

If your purchase is time sensitive (for a wedding, for example) it is the Client's responsibility to notify us at the outset. Please be aware that research can take several weeks.

Errors and Omissions

We always strive to provide the best service possible and to provide each Client with something that they are delighted with. However, family history research is not an exact science so there is a chance that the research carried out may include errors or omissions. We will supply the research in draft form for checking by the Client and after this has been signed off it will have been deemed to be of a satisfactory standard and we will not be liable for any future errors or omissions identified in the work done. Your research is carried out by a qualified and experienced genealogist which will reduce the risk of any inaccuracies.

Data Protection

We will hold your personal information to process payment for your chosen product, communication with you about your research and to despatch the finished family history product. The information will be held on a computer secured with a password and on a backup hard drive and in paper form. The information will be held for as long as necessary to complete the work. Clients can request that their details are deleted or they will be deleted after a period of 5 years, whichever is soonest. No data will be passed to third parties except for printers whose sole purpose of the data is to print any requested charts or books.

(Updated 1 June 2016, copyright GenRooters)